Economy 29-06-2018

Perú: Citizen oversight will monitor works done with public - private resources

The Popular Force bench introduced a bill through which it seeks to create citizen oversight that will monitor the works executed with public - private resources.

The surveillance will include public infrastructure works, public services, applied research projects or technological innovation and projects in assets under Legislative Decree 1224 .

It is, according to the project a mechanism of citizen participation and social control , which will contribute to the function of government control carried out by the Comptroller General of the Republic.

It will be integrated by members of representative institutions of civil society who will be responsible for monitoring public procurement processes and works with public-private resources.

The members who will exercise the position ad honoremwill be appointed by the College of Engineers of Peru Bar Association and Accountants Association.

They will ensure that goods, services, works and consultancies of the best quality and at the lowest possible price are contracted will alert the owner of the sector about the possible existence of risks during the execution of the works and will report on any alleged irregularity in the process of hiring.

Within 60 days of entry into force of the law the Comptroller will dictate the necessary provisions for its better implementation .

In the same way it will train the citizen oversight offices for the development of their functions.

The bill is authored by congressman Israel Lazo Julcafrom the Fuerza Popular parliamentary group.


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