Politics 03-07-2018

Perú: Hugo Coya was appointed CEO of IRTP

The Executive Power through the Ministry of Culture appointed the journalist and writer Hugo Coya Honores as a member of the Board of Directors and executive president of the National Institute of Radio and Television of Peru (IRTP).

The appointment was made official by means of a supreme resolution published today in the reprint of Legal Normsof the newspaper El Peruanowhen said position was vacant.

The IRTP is a public executing agency attached to the Ministry of Culturewhose purpose is to carry out activities and actions on a national scale to disseminate educational informative cultural and recreational contents in accordance with the provisions of its creation law.

Its highest governing body is the Board of Directors which is made up of a president and four members appointed by supreme resolution.

The norm that officializes the designation of Hugo Coya bears the signatures of the president of the Republic Martín Vizcarraand the Minister of Culture Patricia Balbuena.


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