Politics 11-07-2018

Peru: Popularity of Peruvian Congress and Justice, in tatters

In a score of 0 to 20 in school style, Peruvians put 06 of note to Congress that reached its highest unpopularity in the last thirty-five years.

In a context of economic crisis, corruption and the perception that they do nothing explain the citizens' malaise towards parliamentarians.

The other great disapproved by the people was the judiciary with 7.2 rating in a range of 0 to 20. The audios published by the portal IDL-Reporters that would demonstrate an alleged influence peddling at the highest level of the justice system, generated a Massive request for resignation. Ministers, congressmen and President Martín Vizcarra joined the clamor.

The ruling party's bench filed a constitutional complaint against members of the National Council of the Judiciary Iván Noguera, Julio Gutiérrez and Supreme Judge César Hinostroza, who has a history of favoring drug traffickers. The president of the congress Luis Galarreta announced that the parliament will initiate an investigation in the subcommission of constitutional accusations.

The revelation of the IDL audios reporters is a new blow for Peruvian justice and an aggravating factor for the institutional crisis in the country. The speed and rigor with which the magistrates are investigated will show if there is political will in the national council of the judiciary, the government and the congress to fight corruption.


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