Politics 10-10-2018

Peru: President Vizcarra calls a referendum for December 9

The popular consultation will include questions on the judiciary, party financing, bicamerality and the non-re-election of parliamentarians.

Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra announced a referendum for next Sunday, December 9 , in order for the people to pronounce on the four constitutional reforms promoted by the Executive after numerous allegations of corruption in various judicial and political spheres.

According to the decree signed by the president, the popular consultation will consist of the following four questions :

Approve the constitutional reform on the conformation and functions of the National Justice Board, before the National Council of the Magistracy (CNM)?

Does it approve the constitutional reform that regulates the financing of political organizations?

Do you approve the reform that prohibits the immediate reelection of parliamentarians of the Republic?

Does it approve the constitutional reform that establishes the bicamerality in the Congress of the Republic?

According to Vizcarra, the Executive has decided to continue with the consultation despite the fact that Congress introduced "some changes" . The president explained that the first three reform projects "do not have substantial changes", but the modification of the third, which deals with the bicamerality, "does alter the concept" that was proposed on July 28.

The current reform projects, however, were discussed by the parliamentarians only after September 16, after the president raised and subsequently obtained the vote in favor of a confidence-building motion that threatened the dissolution of Congress. the one that forced the discussion of these reforms in that chamber.


When mentioning that less than 1% of women were elected in the last regional elections, Vizcarra regretted that the congressmen decided to exclude from the bicameral proposal the concept of "parity" , with which it was intended "to give the population the option that they can choose between men and women. "

On the other hand, Vizcarra indicated that the legislators added a point that was not included in the initial proposal, with which they intend to limit the constitutional power of the president to dissolve the Congress if he is denied trust twice during the same term - the same scenario of weeks ago, a modification that, according to the president,threatens the balance of powers to the detriment of the Executive.

"Today we hold a referendum," saidVizcarra, stressing that the consultation will remain unchanged in respect to the "independence of powers" and "institutionality." "But we have to say what is our political position [...]: not the bicameral one , we agree with it, but not as we have received the constitutional reform project," he said.


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