World 01-11-2018

Pompeo: The US considers China its biggest long-term challenge

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says Washington is striving to make China "behave like a normal country in commerce."

"It is a multidimensional effort, on behalf of the entire US Government, under the leadership of the president (Donald Trump) to convince China to behave like a normal country in trade and respect the norms of international law. "Pompeo said in an interview with a local radio station on Wednesday.

The head of the US Diplomacy argued that Washington considers Beijing its greatest long-term challenge, which is why, he added, the Trump Administration is deploying all its efforts to push back the Asian giant "on all fronts."

Pompeo also denounced the alleged theft of intellectual property by Beijing and cataloged it as an inappropriate and incoherent act of "a superpower or leader in the world".

"Stealing the intellectual property of another country, in which China has involved hundreds of billions of dollars, is something that China has to find a way to stop," said the secretary of state.

The US Department of Justice He accused ten suspected Chinese intelligence officers on Tuesday of economic espionage against French and American aeronautical companies.

US President Donald Trump, meanwhile, said he would impose more tariffs , worth 267 billion dollars, on Chinese imports, if Beijing does not reach an agreement on trade with Washington.

The United States and China are engaged in acommercial dispute , unleashed in July by the White House tenant under various pretexts, such as the theft ofintellectual propertyto American firms by Chinese technology companies.

Beijing sees in the actions of Washington attempts of domination and "repress" the economic growth, thescientific and technological developmentof the Asian country.

In response, China has imposed tariffs on US goods and submitted a formal complaintto the World Trade Organization (WTO) in late Augustfor US tariffs. to your products.


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