Politics 11-04-2018

​Pope Francisco recognizes "serious mistakes" in relation to cases of abuse in Chile

The leader of the Catholic Church sent a letter to the Episcopal Conference of Chile in which he takes stock of the report prepared by the Vatican on the victims of Bishop Juan Barros.

After receiving the report prepared by his envoy Monsignor Charles Scicluna Pope Francis apologized for how it was handled in relation to the allegations of child abuse in Chile . In a letter sent to the Episcopal Conference of the South American country and read by its presidentMonsignor Santiago Silva the Supreme Pontiff acknowledges that he committed "serious mistakes".

"As far as I am concerned I recognize and so I want you to transmit it faithfully that I have made serious mistakes in the assessment and perception of the situation" Francisco said and said that this was due to the " lack of accurate and balanced information ." "Like St. Thomas we should not fear doubt but fear the pretense of wanting to see without trusting the testimony of those who heard from the lips of the Lord the most beautiful promise" he said.

In this regard he asked for the forgiveness of "all those I have offended" and added that this will also be done personally "in the coming weeks in the meetings I will have with representatives of the people interviewed."

Complaint controversy and investigation

During his tour of Chile in 2017 Pope Francisco had a tense moment when a journalist asked him about Bishop Juan Barros accused of covering up the sexual abuse of ex-priest Fernando Karadima. At that time the Vatican head of state said that it was " slander ". "The day they bring me a test against Bishop Barros I'm going to speak there's not one single proof against it" he said.

A short time later he had to make public some first apologies before the repudiation that his sayings had on behalf of the victims. "The word 'test' played a trick on me" and considered that "it was not the best to approach a painful heart." " I apologize if I hurtI spoke of evidence" added the Pope who pointed out that "there is many abused people who can not bring a test, do not have it. "

Before the repercussions of the fact Francisco decided to impel an own investigation that was entrusted to the bishop of Malta the mentioned Scicluna. He traveled both to Chile and New York to meet with the whistleblowers and recently finalized his report which motivated the letter sent to the South American bishops.


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