Analysis 09-07-2018

President of Ecuador suffers his lowest approval

After a little more than a year in the government, the approval of the president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, has fallen below 50%, according to a new poll.

From the highest index, 77% reached in August last year, the president has suffered a fall of more than 31% in its approval by citizens, since at the end of June was only 45.9% , according to a Cedatos firm survey released this Saturday.

At the beginning of his mandate in May of last year, Moreno enjoyed a 66% approval, index that rose to reach its peak three months later, to begin then its downhill, recalls the study.

In January this year, the level of approval Moreno stood at 65%, a situation from which further decreased to 46.2% in May, when it completed its first year of the term of four for which was chosen .

The approval indicator continued downward until reaching the minimum of the last survey, the indicated 45.9% -although in the section Credibility of the study, in which the interviewees were asked if they believe in Moreno's word, the The figure was even lower and stood on June 30 at 42% -.

The survey was conducted between June 20 and 30 to 1920 people in sixteen cities of the country; it has a confidence level of 95% and a margin of error of 3.4%, the technical data sheet specifies.

According to the study, 34.3% of Ecuadorians have been skeptical about the future of their country if it is ruled by Moreno, believing that the situation will be "worse", compared to 31.1% who think otherwise.

The interviewees consider the serious economic situation , the high costs of living, poverty, public debt and unemployment as the main problems that afflict the country.


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