Politics 05-10-2018

President of the Council of Citizen Participation of Ecuador seeks to eliminate this organism

The president of the Council of Citizen Participation and Social Control of Ecuador (CPCCS), Julio César Trujillo, plans to propose to the full body of that organization to request President Lenin Moreno to hold a popular consultation to eliminate this entity.

"I am in favor of the deletion of this Council (...) I believe that a consultation should be made to the Ecuadorian people (..) It is a proposal that should be known by the plenary so that if it agrees, it approves them and presents them to the President of the Republic, which is the only authority that can call a referendum, "Trujillo said at a press conference.

The CPCCS was created in 2009 during the government of Rafael Correa (2007-2017). It is the body in charge of electing the control authorities of the Andean country, including the Attorney General and Comptroller General of the Nation, State Attorney, Ombudsman, members of the National Electoral Council, Superintendents of Banks and Companies.

Before the creation of the CPCCS those authorities were elected by the legislature.

Trujillo believes that the control authorities should be chosen at the polls, through elections.

The president of the CPCCS also informed that he has asked prominent constitutionalists of the country to suggest, until October 22, the pertinent reforms that will be discussed in the plenary session of this body.

If the reforms are approved by the plenary session of the CPCCS, President Moreno will be formally requested to hold the referendum, although he is not obliged to convene it.

Trujillo said that a few days ago he personally raised the idea to the president and although he has not received his response, he believes that "he did not like him".

The current CPCCS is transitory, ceased in its functions to the previous one after last February the Ecuadorians pronounced themselves in a popular consultation in that sense. It must be in office until 2019, when a popular vote is called to elect its new members, who according to the current Constitution must last four years in their functions.

If the president approves the popular consultation, this could be done together with the sectional elections (mayors and prefects) to be held in March 2019.


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