Politics 31-10-2018

Prosecutor delivers Colombia's Court of Peace reports on FARC and military

The General Prosecutor of Colombia delivered two reports to the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (Tribunal de Paz) detailing the investigations carried out by the organization for conduct committed during the armed conflict in Colombia by the former guerrillas of the FARC and agents of the State.

"These documents provide important legal elements that will establish the levels of participation of the (...) responsible and address the clamor of victims who demand sanctions," the Prosecutor said in a statement.

The reports are called 'Permanent retention and concealment of persons committed by the FARC' and 'Permanent retention and concealment of persons by State agents'.

The Prosecutor's Office reports 8,284 cases of forced disappearance of persons attributed to the FARC, which represent 9,257 victims, for which there are 4,194 persons prosecuted.

"The first case occurred in the year 1962 in the department of Tolima (center-west) and the last reported event was registered in December 2015 in the department of Nariño (southwest)," said the prosecution.

Regarding the victims, the agency established that 7,617 are men, while 1,432 are women and in 208 cases there is no sex of the victim, facts for which the Office of the Prosecutor managed to get judges to issue 22 convictions related to disappearances forced to be uttered against members of the FARC.

The Prosecutor's Office also identified 294 cases, with 675 victims of the same crime, but by state agents.

"The first registered case is from September 1977 in the city of Barranquilla (Atlántico, north) and the last record occurred in December 2015 in the municipality of Buriticá (Antioquia, northwest)," he said.

According to the figures of the agency, 1,244 people have been prosecuted for these crimes, of which 815 were soldiers at the time of the events, 94 were members of the police, 14 were officials of the former Administrative Department of Security (DAS, intelligence) and 10 were from the National Navy.

Due to these facts, the Prosecutor's Office was able to convict 253 people, including 159 members of the Army, nine from the police and one official from the defunct DAS.

These cases will now be followed by the JEP, a tribunal created to judge ex-guerrillas, soldiers and third parties who financed the armed conflict in the country.


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