Mundo 26-10-2017

​Putin: "More than 90% of the Syrian territory is already free of terrorists"

The fight against terrorists in Syria showed the increased capabilities of the Russian military, believes the Russian leader.

More than 90 percent of Syria's territory has already been released from terrorists, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with Russian military and prosecutors.

"I would like to thank once again our military members who are involved in the anti-terrorist operation in Syria. Thanks to their courage, clear and professional actions, it was possible to radically changed the situation. More than 90 percent of the Syrian territory is already free of terrorists" said the president.

The Russian head of State pointed that "military operations against terrorists (...) demonstrated a qualitative increase in the capabilities of Russian forces, our Army and the Navy”

"It is necessary to continue to strengthen this potential and implement new advanced weapons systems to improve the effectiveness of combat training," Putin continued, recalling that terrorist groups are "well-equipped, trained, generously funded and motivated”

He also congratulated the creation of the detention areas in Syria, in close cooperation with the Syrian authorities and foreign partners.