Economy 30-11-2018

Putin: "The vicious practice of unilateral sanctions breaks the fabric of the world economy"

The Russian president has stressed that unfair competition "increasingly replaces honest and fair dialogue between states."

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has denounced that "the vicious practice of unilateral sanctions" and unfair competition "break the fabric" of the world economy and have a negative impact on international cooperation.

In fact, the Russian leader stressed that this unfair competition " increasingly replaces honest and fair dialogue between the states" during a meeting that the leaders of the BRICS have held on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires (Argentina) .

At the same time, Putin has pointed out that "the vicious practice of using illegal unilateral sanctions and protectionist measures that do not comply with the UN Charter, WTO rules and other generally recognized legal norms is spreading."

The tenant of the Kremlin has concluded that all this "has a very negative impact on the environment of cooperation in the international arena", so he has asked the BRICS countries to "continue to advocate, together and actively, to form a system of fair and full international relations ".


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