Politics 28-11-2018

Putin: Those who take Russian dollars "do not shoot on the leg, but a little higher"

Russia agreed to supply Turkey with S-400 complexes without using dollars as a payment currency, the Russian president has revealed.

This Wednesday the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has affirmed that Russia does not aim to stop using dollars in transactions, but that "it is the dollar that moves away from us", and the people who take it out of Russia "do not shoot in the leg, but a little higher . " The demonstrations of the Russian leader occur in a plenary session of the investment forum Russia is calling (Rossiya zoviót, in Russian) organized by the bank VTB Capital.

"We do not aim to avoid using dollars, it is the dollar that moves away from us, and those who make decisions do not shoot at the leg, but a little higher, because this instability in dollar calculations induces many economies of the world to look for alternative reserve currencies and create systems of payments independent of the dollar, "said the president.

Alternative to SWIFT

Russia is developing an alternative system to the global network that facilitates SWIFT currency transfers, the Russian leader has also pointed out. "We are actively collaborating with some countries, with our most important commercial and economic partners, to create systems that are independent of SWIFT, " he explained.

The sale of S-400 to Turkey, in rubles

Likewise, Vladimir Putin has revealed that Russia agreed to supply anti-aircraft systems S-400 to Turkey without using dollars as a payment currency.

"We have spoken today [with Turkish President Erdogan] on several specific issues, but I will remember our agreement with Turkey in the field of technical-military cooperation for the supply of S-400. We are aware that if we carry out the calculations in dollars, will not work, so we have thought of another option, and we have reached an equal agreement, "said the Russian president.

Payments for the S-400 system were carried out in rubles , the president said, stressing that "this will be the case with any type of asset, this is one of the examples that is on everyone's lips".


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