World 17-12-2018

Report: Saudi war against Yemen has left more than 60 thousand dead

The aggression of Saudi Arabia and its allies to Yemen has left 60,223 dead in the past three years, according to an Acled report.

The report , published last week by the project Data on Location and Events of Armed Conflict (Acled, by its acronym of English), indicates that the alarming death toll has been caused by 3071 violent attacks registered between January 2016 and November. 2018

"Our estimate of direct deaths in the Yemeni conflict is much higher than the official figures and even so it is undervalued," said Clionadh Raleigh, the director of Acled.

According to the report, only in the 11 months since the beginning of 2018 some 28 182 Yemenis have lost their lives, representing an increase of 68% compared to 2017.

The most violent month of the Saudi war in Yemen was on the other hand with 3058 recorded deaths, according to the report of Acled, last month (November 2018), the last of which full figures can be given.

The number of victims offered by the agency, however, does not account for those who have died as a result of the spread of famine or cholera.

Andrea Carboni, one of the researchers who have produced the report, has said that many newspapers and the media resort to the old figure provided in 2016 by the United Nations ( 10,000 dead ) to "significantly minimize the devastation" that is causing the aggression of Riyadh and its allies to Yemen.

Acled's previous report, cited in August by the US newspaper The Washington Post , indicated that "the number of Yemenis killed in the war was close to 50,000 . "

Since March 2015, the Saudi regime and its allies are conducting a brutal military campaign against Yemen in which they also use prohibited weapons, with the aim of restoring the former Yemeni fugitive president Abdu Rabu Mansur Hadi to power and confronting the popular movement Yemeni Ansarolá The international community has made insistent calls to Riyadh to put an end to this " stupid war ".


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