Economy 05-11-2018

Rohaní: Iran will continue to sell oil despite US sanctions

The administration of the US president announced last Friday that from November 5 US. will reintroduce all economic sanctions against Tehran.

Iranian President Hasan Rohani has declared on Monday that Tehran will continue to sell its crude despite the "illegal" and "unjust" restrictions imposed by the United States.

"America (USA) wants to reduce sales of Iranian crude to zero [...], but we will continue to sell our oil" to "break the sanctions," Rohaní was quoted as saying by Reuters .

"We are in the situation of an economic war, controlled by the power of intimidation," said the president. "I do not believe that in the history of the United States someone has entered the White House being so against the law and international agreements," he continued.

The administration of US President Donald Trump,announcedlast Friday that from November 5 US will reintroduce all economic sanctions against Tehran that had been lifted in the framework of the Iranian nuclear agreement.

In addition, US authoritiesintend torestrict Iran's access to the international SWIFT system, the global network that facilitates cash transfers and secure communications between banks.


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