Politics 27-11-2018

Russia accuses the UN of inciting Ukraine to more provocations

Russia maintains that the UN Security Council is prompting Ukraine to provoke further provocations with its reaction to the incident in the Sea of Azov.

In statements made in an interview with state television RT , the Russian deputy permanent representative to the United Nations (UN), Dmitri Polianski, regretted that the United Nations Security Council (CSNU) had rejected the request submitted by Russia to study the incident in the Kerch Strait.

"I am afraid that this reaction from the Western countries that have a direct influence in Ukraine could encourage Kiev to continue making these provocations, because during the meeting they did not hear any reproach from the West," the Russian diplomat said.

On Monday, the UN's top decision-making body met on an emergency basis to deal with the escalation of tension between Russia and Ukraine, after Russian forces fired on three Ukrainian ships on Sunday and detained them in the Kerch Strait. Sea of Azov, accusing them of having violated the Russian territorial waters .

Polianski also denounced that members of the Security Council decided not to give a real meaning to the situation in the Kerch Strait, which is one of the most tense episodes since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis in 2014 and the Russian annexation of Crimea through of a referendum not internationally recognized.

"There is also a fear that Ukraine will take this as a carte blanche to do other provocative actions that threaten not only our relations, but also the situation in the Black Sea, the Azov Sea and the Kerch Strait," he added.

Moscow has defended the Russian coastguard actions highlighting that they acted in accordance with the law, but crossed the naval clash with Ukraine of a "very dangerous provocation."

For its part, the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has called both parties to " containment " in the Sea of Azov, where the tension increased since Moscow built in May the Crimean bridge linking the peninsula with Russia.


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