Política 18-10-2017

Russia alerts more "hostilities and confrontation" in Venezuela

The Russian Foreign Ministry criticizes the Venezuelan opposition, which refuses to recognize its defeat, and warns of possible hostilities and confrontation in the country.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the recent regional elections should mean "a new step towards the consolidation of society" in Venezuela, something "necessary to resolve economic and social issues that cannot be postponed."

But the refusal by the opposition to accept its result and "the calls to resume street protests" and strengthen international sanctions are "dangerous," the Russian Ministry said.

In this sense, the Russian Foreign Ministry adds that the opposition can "break" the "compromise scenario", which could lead to "a new stage of hostilities and confrontation."

Therefore, Russian diplomacy calls for "the political forces of Venezuela to avoid violent and provocative actions."

Also, the statement urges "the international and regional community" to facilitate the creation of the necessary conditions to resolve the situation in the Latin American country not allowing it to exert a destructive intervention external"