Politics 11-09-2018

Russia and China maintain relations of trust in many áreas

Russia and China have established relations of trust in politics, security and defense, declared Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"We have relations of trust in the areas of politics, security and defense, I know that you personally pay much attention to the development of Russian-Chinese relations, you and I have regular contacts, I am pleased to receive you in Russia" Putin said with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping.

Xi Jinping mentioned that the Chinese delegation is the largest in the forum because of the great attraction of the meeting and of the multilateral cooperation in the development of the Far East that the two countries maintain.

"Both today and in the future I want to continue exchanging views and maintain close cooperation with you," he said.

Bilateral trade can reach 100 billion dollars in 2018 and registers annual growth of 30%, he said.

Also, Russia and China will continue to contribute to solving the problem of the Korean peninsula, said the Russian president.

"We will continue joint efforts for the political and diplomatic solution of the situation on the Korean peninsula according to the Russian-Chinese road map," Putin said.

He expressed hope that the next inter-Korean summit in Pyongyang will deliver results.

"We believe that an important element of the overall process of resolving the situation around the Korean peninsula is the normalization of relations between North Korea and the US," Putin said.

For his part, the Chinese president added that Russian-Chinese relations are developing at high speed since the beginning of 2018.

"We agree with the president [Putin] that since the beginning of the year Sino-Russian relations show a dizzying dynamic, entered a new era of accelerated development and aspire to a higher level," said Xi.

He stressed that in the last four months he met Putin three times, which shows the priority of bilateral relations for the foreign policy of both States.

"The parties reaffirmed their mutual support in choosing a path of development according to the peculiarities of national development, as well as to guarantee their own security and to assert national interests," he said.

In his opinion, the bilateral contacts of China and Russia serve as a good example of relations between two large neighboring countries.

The Chinese leader also affirmed that "thanks to the joint efforts, the political advantages and the strategic values of our bilateral relations are reflected step by step in measurable results of the cooperation".

In particular, Xi highlighted progress in several major projects with Russia in the fields of energy, aviation and space exploration, as well as in the financial, agricultural, electronic commerce, humanitarian and cultural sectors.

In turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that the two countries are making progress in energy cooperation, including in the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

"Russia is the largest exporter of electric power and coal to China, the Russian-Chinese interaction in the field of the peaceful atom is developing," he said.

He said that the first two reactors of the Tianwan Chinese nuclear power plant, designed with the participation of the Russian corporation Rosatom, are already underway, the third and fourth are completed and Rosatom plans to build two more reactors for the same plant.

At the same time, Putin recalled that "only last year in the framework of intergovernmental agreements Russia supplied China with more than 30 million tons of oil."

He added that it is also expected to start up the Siberia Force pipeline by the end of 2019.

The President of the People's Republic of China (PRC), Xi Jinping, invited by Putin, takes part for the first time in the work of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF 2018), which takes place from 11 to 13 September in the city of Vladivostok ( Russian Far East).

The fourth edition of this event takes place on the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) located on Russki Island.

The Rossiya Segodnya group, Sputnik's parent company, is the main media partner of the forum.


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