World 03-08-2018

Russia expects the international community to actively participate in the return of Syrian refugees

Some 890.000 civilians could return to Syria in the coming months.

Russia hopes that international organizations, including the UN, and the countries present in the negotiations in the Geneva format "actively participate" in the tasks that allow the return of Syrian refugees to their country, said the head of the National Center for Human Rights. defense control of Russia, Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev.

The Russian military command has reported that the formation of a Syrian interministerial coordination center to facilitate the return of refugees is being finalized. At the same time, he stressed that it is important "to abide by the principle that the return of refugees to their homeland must be exclusively voluntary and safe."

Using the data of the UN, Mizintsev has reported that in the next few months, Syria is expected to return some 890.000 civilians.

The colonel general has indicated that the Russian refugee hosting and accommodation center will increase the number of checkpoints and expand the structure of their territorial headquarters, expecting a greater number of people to return to the country.

"In addition to the active points, three new ones have been opened and have started operating: the land one in Salhiah in the Deiz ez Zor province, the Maritime in Banias and the Diuvali airfield, and four additional checkpoints have been opened today. on the Syrian-Lebanese border, "said Mizintsev.

Japan, willing to rebuild schools and hospitals in Syria

The colonel general has informed that following the example of France, which provides humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of Guta Oriental, Japan has proposed to carry out demining work and reconstruction of the infrastructure in the former demilitarized zones of Guta Oriental and Homs.

"In addition, Japan is prepared to carry out small projects of construction or reconstruction of schools and hospitals," said Mizintsev. "But the Japanese administration also expresses its willingness to carry out larger projects," he added.


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