Analysis 10-10-2018

Russia plans to deploy a satellite reception station in Cuba

A mobile complex for receiving data from Russian Earth observation satellites will be deployed in Cuba before the end of April 2019, according to a public bidding program of the Russian government.

The document of the Roscosmos Corporation says that "the following main tasks must be fulfilled: deploying a mobile reception and transmission complex in the territory of the Republic of Cuba."

He points out that the mobile complex was assembled in 2015 and has passed the homologation tests, and that the displacement and start-up must be completed before April 30, 2019.

The complex will receive data from optical observation spacecraft Resurs-P and Kanopus-V, Kanopus-V-IK, equipped with infrared camera, and transmit them in encrypted mode to Moscow via Luch satellites.

According to the document, Roscosmos plans to deploy satellite reception stations in 2019 in the Russian region of Chukotka and the Progres station in Antarctica.

The Resurs-P space system allows to capture images in the designated regions with a resolution of 0.7 meters in the visible and near infrared bands.

This data is used to create general geographic, thematic and topographic maps, control pollution and environmental degradation, help find oil deposits and other resources.

From the hyperspectral satellite images, the maturity of the wheat can be determined, the microflora in a pond can be evaluated, as well as the degree of salinity of the soil.

Also, the Resur satellites can detect launch and flight of rockets, space junk, and also observe stars as telescopes.

Kanopus-V remote sensing satellites were designed to monitor emergency situations of technological and natural origin, forest fires, large emissions of pollutants, water and agricultural resources.

At present, four Kanopus satellites are placed in the orbit of the Earth in order to detect foci of forest fires.

In May it was learned that one of the Roscosmos subsidiaries, the Geocuba Technical Science Center and Tecnoimport signed a contract to place a measurement station for the Glonass navigation system in Cuba.


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