World 26-12-2018

Russia tests Avangard missile capable of evading US shields

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation tests "successfully" under the supervision of President Vladimir Putin the new hypersonic missile Avangard.

"The president arrived at the National Defense Center and gave the order to start the tests and launch the missile, which shortly after, at the scheduled time, hit the designated target in the Kura polygon, on the Kamchatka peninsula (eastern end of Russia), "the Kremlin announced Wednesday.

The official text of the announcement also highlights that the missile, equipped with a hypersonic winged warhead and capable of overcoming the US antimissile shield, traveled some 6000 kilometers from the Urals region, in the center of the country, to its objective.

The test has been made at a time when the tension between Russia and the United States is growing, especially after the confirmation by Washington of its intention to abandon the Treaty of Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF, for its acronym in English).

"During the flight at hypersonic speed, the guided combat unit performed controlled maneuvers vertically and horizontally, and at the appointed time attacked a conventional target on the battlefield of the test site," adds the Kremlin press service.

The Russian Armed Forces will have the new intercontinental strategic system Avangard already in 2019, revealed the Russian president.

The Avangard missile is part of a series of military innovations presented on March 1 by Putin himself, unleashing among the political class of the United States called to open negotiations with Moscow to prevent a destabilizing arms race.

In November, the undersecretary for research and engineering of the US Department of Defense (the Pentagon), Michael Griffin, acknowledged that the US is not ready to face possible hypersonic attacks from Russia and China, which continue to develop their capabilities in this field.


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