World 07-05-2018

Russia unleashes a strong attack along the Turkish border

The Russian Aerospace Forces have launched a series of air strikes on Monday against the positions of terrorists in the town of Yisr al-Shughur in western Idlib province located in northwestern Syria and near the border with Turkey.

Russian fighters flying from the Hmeimim air base in the Syrian province of Latakia (west) attacked targets of the so-called Turkestan Islamic Party.

The air strikes have concentrated mainly on the positions of the said extremist gang in the towns of Yisr al-Shughur Al-Shughur Al-Ghassaniyeh Ishtabraq.

The source indicates that while the Syrian Army is increasing its forces in the northern Latakia camp it seems that an important operation to capture Yisr al-Shughur is imminent.


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