Politics 04-04-2018

Russian Minister of Defense: NATO has deployed offensive forces on the Russian border

The actions of the US fleet are intensifying in the Baltic and the Black Sea. and from other NATO countries, according to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigú.

OTAN has deployed offensive forces on Russia's western border, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigou announced Wednesday during the international security conference held in Moscow.

The minister stressed that in Poland and in the Baltic countries there is currently a contingent of 10,000 soldiers armed with all kinds of offensive weapons.

Likewise, Shoigú has pointed out that in the Baltic and Black seas the actions of the US fleet are intensifying. and from other OTAN countries. In addition, there has been an increase in the number of exercises of the Atlantic Alliance of an anti-Russian nature.

OTAN frightens itself with a nonexistent Russian threat and then increases its military potential, the minister said.

The actions of the OTAN countries have in fact annulled the dialogue on security in Europe, especially between the Russian military and those of the Alliance, stressed Shoigú. The minister stressed that relations between the parties are cooling.


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