World 17-12-2018

Saavedra: May tries to postpone Brexit for fear of failure

The British Prime Minister tries to save her Brexit by postponing it until the holding of parliamentary elections of the European Union (EU).

The analyst Francisco José Saavedra has asserted on Monday in an interview with HispanTV that the premier Theresa May is "in a very complicated situation", since from Brussels they say that a new agreement is not going to be renegotiated and in the British Parliament they demand Take it to a vote.

Meanwhile, according to the analyst, for the British prime minister it is best to try to postpone everything, since at the end of May European Parliament elections are held, which can be expected to give rise to another policy in the EU - which is not agrees to negotiate a new agreement - which could help May save her agreement.

The British premier has announced that the final vote in Parliament on the Brexit agreement will be made the week beginning on January 14. May has made this decision after the leader of the opposition Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, threatened a motion of no confidence against her if it did not give a clear date for the House of Commons. Corbyn accuses May of subjecting the country to a national crisis.

Aware of his lack of support in Parliament, May postponed the vote last week on the plan to leave the EU. Meanwhile, the regional bloc insists that it will not renegotiate the existing agreement.


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