Analysis 08-12-2017

Sánchez: "Study reveals that there is no humanitarian crisis in Venezuela"

Based on the study carried out by the polling firm International Consulting Services (ICS), released in the media by its Director Ronald Sánchez, it is shown that although there is a complicated economic situation in Venezuela, it can not be considered that there is a humanitarian crisis in the country.

The study allowed us to observe a series of factors that could influence the country's political landscape, both for the upcoming municipal elections and for the presidential elections of 2018.

The subjects that were touched were the nutritional one - in terms of how many times the Venezuelan eats -, as well as the acceptance and credibility of the political parties facing the next electoral elections.

Although in the present there is a complicated economic situation, which in turn makes it difficult to access certain food products - distortion generated by speculation and hoarding - this can not be considered as a humanitarian crisis.

Also, it was mentioned in terms of distortion, the role of the well-known DollarToday page, which has generated a parallel market affecting the prices of any product that is offered in the national market.

Likewise, although the economic situation proportionally affects the political landscape, the opposition sector has lost credibility, which has generated an increase in the known "Ni-Ni". This decline in support for the opposition sector, may be due to the fragmentation of the Mesa de la Unidad (MUD) and its failed strategy of beginning of the year to create a violent climate, through the "guarimbas" in the country that would culminate with the departure of the current Government.

As a result of the loss of credibility, there has been a rise in support for traditional parties such as Acción Democrática (AD), displacing parties such as Primero Justicia (PJ). Converting AD into the first political force of the opposition.

On the part of the Government, it has implemented four fundamental actions to appease the political and economic situation that the country is going through.

  • Assume an internal change. This is done through the fight against corruption, taking as an example the management carried out by the Genera Attorney and the PDVSA case
  • Action of the CLAP. That now under the control of Freddy Bernal seeks to reach those who had not enjoyed this benefit, in turn, they want to increase the distribution in order to reach all Venezuelan households
  • Cohesion of the PSUV.
  • Oil Element.

As a final point of the study and interview, the Director of ICS Ronald Sanchez, said that the continuity of the current government will depend on improving the economic situation of the country. Since as a political force the opposition lacks of a leader and a solid political project, the intention of the Venezuelan society to vote is on one that solves the economic situation of the country.

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