Politics 29-06-2018

Santos announces that he will not object to reforms of the Uribismo to the JEP

He said that the powers he has as the chief executive do not allow him to reject specific articles but the whole project. In this regard he said that he hopes that the Constitutional Court will rule on the modifications of Uribismo.

President Juan Manuel Santos announced that he will not object to the reforms that the Democratic Center included in the procedural law of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) approved this Wednesday in the Senate of the Republic. He explained that the powers he has from the head of state do not allow him to reject precise articles of a law endorsed by the Legislature and in that sense ratified that he will sign the rule that grants tools to the JEP for its operation.

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"Two controversial articles were approved clearly unconstitutional. The president can not object to articles but he has to object to the law or not to object I will not object "said the president. However he added that "it will go to the control of the Constitutional Court that can put specific articles under its magnifying glass and declare them unconstitutional." This would confirm that the government is ready to file a lawsuit in court to review the text.

In the last hours, the Minister of the Interior Guillermo Rivera had announced the two possibilities of the government to avoid that the reforms of the uribismo were born to the juridical life: to demand them or to object them. The reason for this is that the points related to the extradition and a special procedure for the uniformed responsible in the armed conflict could leave without teeth to the justice, on the one hand and in the limbo to the members of the Public Force, by the other.

"You can not impose a judge to make decisions without being able to examine and practice tests. Judges make decisions on the basis of evidence, "argued the head of the political portfolio after recalling that the Senate removed the possibility to the JEP Review Chamber decree evidence to determine the date of the commission of a crime by a former member of the Farc requested in extradition. He also pointed out that the intention of the government was not to allow said chamber to rule on the merits.

The government has also said that the other proposals of the Democratic Center announced by Senator Paloma Valencia ahead of the installation of the new Congress will not be endorsed by the Constitutional Court. Rivera affirmed that said court declared the project that legally protects the Peace Agreement in substance substantial and makes it unchangeable for the next three governments. "I'm sorry to be a spoilsport with those reforms they talked about" Rivera concluded.


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