Politics 13-06-2018

Saudi Arabia and the Emirates initiate attacks against Al-Hudayda in Yemen

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have launched a military operation in the port city of Al-Hudayda in Yemen.

Disregarding the warnings of humanitarian agencies about what the attacks represent for the humanitarian situation of Yemenis.

Military forces backed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates launched an attack on Yemen's main port in Al-Hudayda province.

The port is in the hands of the Yemeni popular movement Ansarolá. The United Arab Emirates set Tuesday as the deadline for popular forces to withdraw from the city or face attacks.

The battle for Al-Hudayda is predicted to be the biggest of a three-year war imposed by Saudi Arabia against Yemen.

Western countries in the past had managed to convince Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates not to bomb the port warning that its destruction would lead to death and famine. But this time Saudi Arabia insists on the military operation.

According to estimates of the United Nations (UN) 600.000 people live in the city and its surroundings. A military attack by Saudi Arabia or a siege on the city warns the UN could end the lives of up to 250.000 Yemenis.

But the offensive would also have a wider impact throughout the country because the port has served as the main aid access for the majority of Yemen's population 17 million of whom are already food insecure. Most fuels critical for the country's water supply that runs on diesel-operated pumps also arrive through the port.

From the Ansarolá movement they assure that the new military escalation is destined to hinder the efforts of the UN to enable the return to the dialogue table.


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