Economy 23-11-2018

South Korea plans to increase trade with Russia to 30 billion dollars by 2020

South Korea plans to continue developing relations and increase trade with Russia to reach the figure of 30,000 million dollars per year by 2020, and reach one million Russian tourists a year, said the ambassador of that country in Moscow, Woo Yoon-keun.

The diplomat stressed that 2018 is a special year, since Seoul proposed a policy of development of relations entitled Nine Bridges, which will be carried out by the South Korean committee for economic cooperation with the north and the Russian Ministry of Economic Development.

"We expect from you new and courageous proposals and ideas, to reach in 2020, year of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of economic relations, an increase in commercial exchange of up to 30,000 million dollars, and a figure of tourist visits of one million people ", highlighted Yoon-keun at the opening of the conference 'Russia-Korea. Dialogue for the sake of economic cooperation. '

The representative of Seoul in Moscow indicated that at the beginning of next year the signing of a plan of actions is expected to realize the program of Nine Bridges.

According to the ambassador, although many projects are still in their theoretical phase, the firm will and efforts of the governments "will give a positive signal to both Korean and Russian companies."

The South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, visited Russia at the end of June, when he met with his Russian colleague, Vladimir Putin; Several cooperation agreements were signed , and a joint declaration was approved on the creation of a free trade zone between both countries.


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