Politics 13-09-2018

Spain will continue the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia and will supply 400 laser-guided bombs

The Spanish Foreign Minister has assured that Madrid has not found "any reason to breach the contract", signed in 2015 by the previous Executive.

Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell has confirmed that Spain will continue to sell arms to Saudi Arabia and supply Riyadh with 400 laser-guided bombs after the agreement was recently challenged by Defense Minister Margarita Robles, for the reluctance on the role of the Arab country in the Yemen war.

In an interview on the Onda Cero radio station, the minister said on Thursday that the Spanish government has not found "any reason to breach the contract" and that the pumps will be delivered to fulfill an agreement dating from 2015 signed by the previous one. Executive and in which " no irregularity has been detected ".

Regarding whether there is any guarantee that this weapon will not be used on the civilian population of Yemen, Borrell has claimed that it is a precision weapon of less than one meter "that produces no side effects ."

The minister has insisted on this point, remembering that from his Ministry a note was issued in the month of August saying that from that moment the criteria by which the authorizations for the export of weapons would be granted "to be able to make a traced and guarantee what was its use".

The controversial sale of arms to Saudi Arabia

The formal request for purchase by Saudi Arabia was made under United Nations resolution 2216, which howeverdoes not coverin any waythe sale of military weapons for use in Yemen .

For its part, the European Parliament has made various appealsto the Member States of the European Union(EU)to stop selling arms to Riyadh, arguing that the Arab military alliance that leads incur inviolations of human rights .

At the beginning of last August acoalition attack led by Saudi Arabia in the city of Dahyan, north of Yemen, resulted in 51 deaths, of which 40 turned out to be children.


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