Política 19-10-2017

​Spanish Government will take legal actions against the refusal of Puigdemont to rectify

The Spanish government verified this Thursday the refusal of the Catalan regional president, Carles Puigdemont, to respond to the request to restore constitutional order and take legal measures to return to legality.

Official sources responded to the letter sent this morning by Puigdemont in which he told to the head of the Executive, Mariano Rajoy, that if "persists in preventing dialogue", the autonomous parliament "can proceed to vote the formal declaration of independence" of Cataluña.

The Government of Rajoy will take the route of article 155 of the Constitution, which empowers the Spanish Cabinet to directly assume powers exercised so far by the autonomous administration, in order to return to legality.

Through a statement, the Executive reported that the Council of Ministers will meet next Saturday, day twenty-one, with extraordinary character to approve the constitutional measures intended to "protect the general interest of Spanish people, including citizens of Cataluña, and restore constitutional order in the Autonomous Community"

The Article 155 of the Constitution establishes that if an autonomous authority does not comply with the requirement to return to legality the Government will approve a decree with concrete measures to assume regional powers that will send to the Senate for its approval and that it becomes effective.

The cabinet will approve it on Saturday and next week measures will be activated.

This is the first time this article has been applied in the 39 years since the adoption of the Spanish Constitution of 1978.