Economy 30-05-2018

​Strip and Road Initiative is the door to opening and development for Latin America, experts say

The Strip and Road Initiative is a gateway to international free trade and sustainable development and Latin America and the Caribbean should participate in the construction of the initiative experts say. International seminar held in Mexico City.

During the second day of work of the IV International Seminar "Latin America and the Caribbean and China: Conditions and Challenges in the 21st Century" held at the Faculty of Economics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Costa experts Rica Mexico Uruguay and other countries in the region as well as China assured that this initiative benefits everyone because it will increase connectivity and trade cooperation.

The Costa Rican academic Thaís Córdoba Ramirez of the National University of Heredia Costa Rica affirmed that the initiative is a great network that is not only Asian but goes through all the countries including the emerging countries and will help the development and that without Doubt will reinforce trade but it is also true that in the long run it would help inclusion and mutual benefit.

In coincidence Eduardo Tzili Apango a professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico said that the Latin American and Caribbean region must work on a previous infrastructure development plan with a view to incorporating the initiative.

Tzili also stressed the importance of continuing to promote the China-CELAC Forum (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) to "walk this path successfully".

At the same time, academic Andrés Raggio Souto, from the University of the Republic of Uruguay highlighted the need to "rethink the new relationship that Latin America and the Caribbean want with China."

"It seems to me that we are in an important process of change in relationships and it is time to take the leap" he added.

The IV International Seminar "Latin America and the Caribbean and China: conditions and challenges in the 21st century" focuses on four thematic axes: economy trade and investment political and international relations natural resources and the environment and history culture and learning of Chinese in which more than 130 experts from 35 countries participate an event that will last until Wednesday.


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