Politics 10-09-2018

Swedish Prime Minister calls on the opposition to dialogue in the absence of a majority after elections

The call of the governor Stefan Löfven comes after no party gained control of Parliament. He added that facing this scenario, "it is natural to have a cooperation between blocks."

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven , the Social Democrat , invited the opposition to dialogue after none of the blocs, neither the left nor the center-right, won a majority in the legislative elections on Sunday.

In a speech to his followers, Löfven said he was determined to remain at the head of the Executive and to act as a barrier to the anti-immigrant and far-right Democratic Party of Sweden, which achieved a major breakthrough in the legislative.

Along these lines, the Prime Minister sent a signal of dialogue to the center-right opposition. " It is clear that nobody has achieved the majority, so it is natural to have cooperation between blocs, " Löfven said.

The leftist group has only one seat advantage over the opposition center-right, after the count of votes in 99.8% of the districts of the country.

"The voters made their choice, now it is up to us, the decent parties, to wait for the final result, to negotiate and cooperate to make Sweden move forward in a responsible manner," the head of government added.

The Swedish far right, which claimed to have gained a "real influence" in Parliament, won 17.6% of the vote, an advance of almost five percentage points, but failed to position itself as the country's second political force.


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