World 11-07-2018

Syrian Aviation bombards Daesh near the Golan Heights

Syrian Air Forces have bombed militia allies of the terrorist group Daesh on Wednesday near the Golan Heights, occupied by Israel.

According to local media , Syrian Aviation has launched a series of attacks against the Yeish Khalid ibn Al-Walid group, associated with ISIL (Daesh, in Arabic), in the Yarmuk Basin region, in the extreme southwestern part of Daraa province.

The Syrian fighters, which had Russian air support, have completely destroyed several of the positions occupied by the terrorists near the cities of Tafas and Nawa, a few kilometers from the Golan, also causing great casualties among the extremists.

The extremist Takfiri group currently controls more than 65% of the surrounding highlands, including the towns of Tseel (with 34,000 residents), Jileen (9200) and Adwan (4900). It also dominates dozens of municipalities in the southwestern province of Daraa.

The Damascus offensive comes at a time when the Tel Aviv regimehas deployed alarge number of tanks and other warlike devices in the Golan Heights and has repeatedly threatened to attack Syrian troops approaching the territory invaded by Israel.

At present, however, the Syrian Army has concentrated all its attention on the regions controlled by the armed groups and the so-called "rebels" in the south-west of the country (especially inthe province of Daraa , where in recent days achieved great advances.

These counter-terrorist operations of the Army are of extreme concern to the Israeli occupation regime and theUnited States . Israel fears that if the Syrian troops recover the south of the country they can advance to the occupied part of the Golan, the Syrian plateau that the Israelis control since 1967.


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