World 06-11-2018

"Syrian rejection of Israeli elections promises freedom of Golan"

The strike of the inhabitants of the Golan Heights against the elections promoted by Israel is a "promising act of freedom", says a Syrian official.

"The situation in the occupied Golan is characterized by extreme tension between the Israeli occupation forces and the people who, in recent days, have succeeded in thwarting a major project, the Zionist elections of the local councils," said Medhat on Tuesday. Saleh, a Syrian government official in charge of Golan affairs.

Saleh has warned of the attempts of Israel to "consecrate the law of annexing the Golan and legalize its occupation", a plan frustrated with the rejection of the inhabitants of this region, who burned the electoral ballots .

"What is happening in the occupied Golan (...) is an important Intifada (Uprising) that promises the stability of the Syrian identity" and the possibility of the return of this region under the control of Damascus.

The Israelis were called to the polls on October 30 to vote in the municipal elections, which this year, for the first time, included the local councils of Arab Druze populations from the Golan Heights, a Syrian territory occupied by Israel since 1967. The elections They were held amid a boycott by their Syrian residents.

During the past few weeks, Syrian citizens organized protests to reject these elections, some of which ended in clashes, after Israeli soldiers began to suppress the demonstrators.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Syria has denouncedthat the holding of municipal elections by the Tel Aviv regime in the Golan Heights is a violation of the resolutions of the United Nations (UN) and the Geneva agreements.


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