Politics 19-10-2018

The balance of President Duque: "I have fulfilled the Colombians in 71 days"

The first president drew his own conclusions of what he has done in what little he has in power. He highlighted the decree to seize drugs, the beatings of criminal gangs and the departure of Colombia from Unasur, among other aspects.

73 days have passed since Ivan Duque became President of the Republic. Little time to make balances will say some, others will defend the model of government that already begins to outline with the decisions that have taken and, of course, its contractors will only see shadows and the beginning of a wrong path. However, according to the president's own assessment, up to now he has fulfilled what he promised in the campaign that brought him to power by lowering the flags of Uribismo.

"I come to tell you what 71 days it is very little for one to fulfill all that I wanted to do, but in 71 days you can be certain that many of the things I said to you have been fulfilled and I want to make reference to many of them, "the president said yesterday during a meeting with leaders from southwest Antioquia, in the municipality of Montebello. It should be noted that the accounts are poorly made, since from August 7 to October 18, there are 73 days.

And in its balance sheet, it began with what is perhaps one of the most controversial determinations that has generated in part from public opinion: the decree that allows the Police to seize any amount of illicit substances that are carried or are being consumed in the public places of the country . And then he recalled that a year ago, in that same region, several mothers and young people asked him if he was willing to do something about drugs: "Today I want to tell you that we have fulfilled them. We signed a decree in development of the Police Code that has allowed to confiscate any dose found in the streets, because we do not want the drug near the children of our country, "he said.

Then he insisted that he did not want to be a president locked up in the Casa de Nariño but close to the Colombian people, another of his campaign premises. And he spoke of the 12 workshops 'Construyendo País' that he has done so far, as he indicated, "listening to the Colombian people , recovering the sense of popular dialogue and building with citizens. And we also have more than 16 Security Councils throughout the country, demonstrating to the country that it once again had commander-in-chief alongside its soldiers, its police and the developing communities. " A clear taunt, without naming it, to his predecessor, Juan Manuel Santos.

President Duque also highlighted the results of the plans "The one that makes her pay" and "Diamond", implemented to combat crime and criminal gangs . "We have dealt accurate blows against the main criminal structures of the country." He added that the Public Force has confronted groups such as 'The Office', 'Clan del Golfo' and ELN, repeating the warnings he has made since taking office as head of State: "Let it be clear to you that this government has the will to assimilate what is demobilization, disarmament and reintegration, but here there is zero tolerance for any form of criminality. "

The balance sheet continued with the withdrawal of Colombia from Union of South American Nations (Unasur), an organization that, according to him, validates the dictatorship of Venezuela , whose president was denounced along with other countries before the International Criminal Court. And he also said that he has fulfilled the agricultural sector, where it seeks to technify the institutions. "In 70 days we started and we continue with that first initiative, which we have shown solidarity with the coffee population," referring to the more than $ 100 billion that will be allocated to help coffee cooperatives.

Finally, Duque highlighted the task in terms of housing loans, resources for education, support for small businesses, elimination of procedures to facilitate business activity, school feeding and fight against corruption. And he concluded: "What I hope is that in four years, when I say goodbye to the House of Nariño, the house of the Colombians, I can look at all the Colombians in the eyes with the government program in hand and tell them we meet them. "


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