Economy 05-11-2018

The Chinese president warns the world that "multilateralism and free trade are threatened"

According to Xi Jinping, the multilateral trading system is threatened by the growing risks and challenges generated by unilateralism.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has declared on Monday that he supports the promotion of free trade and has urged world leaders to jointly fight against trade protectionism and trade unilateralism that roam the world.

"The world economy faces profound changes, protectionism and the policy of unilateral actions are resurfacing, economic globalization faces obstacles and multilateralism and the free trade system are under threat ," the president said during the inauguration of the first International Import Exhibition in Shanghai (CIIE, according to its acronym in English).

In this regard, Xi Jinping stressed the need for the world community to become more open to face these challenges and dangers.

"The opening leads to progress, while the closing of the doors leads to backwardness, " said the Chinese president, stressing that world leaders must "resist protectionism and unilateral policies and strive to increase openness at the multilateral and bilateral levels" .

This forum, which involves some 2,800 companies representing more than 130 countries and will have an annual nature, aims to strengthen the image of opening the world of the Asian giant and its "support for the multilateral trading system," Xi stressed.


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