Mundo 06-10-2017

The construction of the largest solar park in Latin America begins in Argentina

Argentina inaugurated today, in an official ceremony in the northern province of Jujuy, the works of a solar power plant that was presented as "the largest in Latin America" and will be executed by Chinese and domestic companies.

"Jujuy is going to be a world power for solar energy so that all Argentines can grow," he said by videoconference the Argentine president, Mauricio Macri, from the Buenos Aires municipality of Tres de Febrero, where he participated in the inauguration of other works.

This is the installation of 1.2 million panels, and, as announced, will be the only national and international park in which indigenous communities are partners, not only in profits, but also throughout the entire construction process.

With the start of work, in the village of Cauchari, at 4,000 meters above sea level, will occupy 600 hectares of land belonging to the Aboriginal Terma Tusle community and will generate more than 500 direct and 1,000 indirect jobs.

The park will have an initial installed capacity of 300 megawatts and will be able to provide supply to about 100,000 homes with an investment of about 480 million dollars from China and a bond signed in New York by international investors last September.

In today's presentation ceremony were present, among others, the governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales, the chief of Cabinet of Ministers, Marcos Peña; and the Ministers of Energy, José Aranguren, of Finance, Nicolas Dujovne. Also Representatives of the indigenous community

Morales said that the start of this project, which he called "the largest solar plant in Latin America" and which will be executed with investment by Chinese and Argentine companies, is "an important dream"

"Together we are going to progress, resignation is really over and hope grows, hope in ourselves and what we are able to do," added Macri, who, in clear reference to the Kirchner Governments (2003-2015), reiterated that "a work is no longer synonymous with corruption", because it should be "joy, future and progress."

At official opening of the works were also Chinese representatives, since the construction of the plant will be in charge of the company Shangai Electric Power Construction, a subsidiary of Powerchina, specializing in the energy sector.

The area where the plant will be located is considered one of the areas with the highest solar radiation on the planet.

"Brothers jujeños, are living a historical moment. A solar park more than 4,000 meters high. Energy for all Argentines. Solar energy that does not pollute, "remarked the president.