World 07-11-2018

The countries of the 'axis of evil' Latin American "before imminent military intervention"

Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. These are countries that make up Latin America's 'axis of evil'. It was said by the US National Security Advisor, John Bolton. Specifically, he called the three nations a "troika of tyranny," announcing new sanctions against Caracas and Havana and threatening to impose penalties on Managua.

According to Venezuelan analyst Oglis Ramos told Radio Sputnik, the words of John Bolton anticipate "an imminent military intervention" by the US, a country that is already committing a real "genocide" in the region, as recently denounced by the president of the National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic, Diosdado Cabello, in relation to the traps that Washington puts on the arrival of food and medicines in the country.

In spite of this, John Bolton does not stop praising the "firmness" of the United States in its support to the peoples such as Venezuela, something that for Oglis Ramos constitutes a "hypocrisy".

"US sanctions policies are hitting the people directly," he stressed.

Asked about what Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua should do to stop Washington considering them and treating them as enemies, Oglis Ramos indicated that their governments must become "servile" with the US , that is, return to practically giving away their resources and transfer their territories to "American bases".

Venezuelan analyst Asdrúbal Márquez does not have the slightest doubt that being a friend of the US means "kneeling", something that will never happen with any of the Latin American "axis of evil" countries, given the courage and dignity of its leaders and its people.


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