Politics 29-06-2018

The Government's migration policy is consistent with human rights

The Interior Minister Mauro Medina stressed that the government of President Martín Vizcarra applies a migration policy that is consistent with the defense and promotion of human rights.

"One of the policies of our government is aimed at having and maintaining a migration policy that is consistent with human rights" he said during the closing ceremony of the First International Congress on Immigration , held in Lima on June 27 and 28.

The minister highlighted the realization of this congress considering that it was constituted as a space for fruitful dialogue to analyze the phenomenon of migrationas well as to exchange experiences in order to achieve a better joint action.

The exhibitions he said allowed the exchange of experiences and will constitute a significant contribution towards an internal migration policy within the framework of strengthening State security and internal order as well as guaranteeing and respecting the human rights of immigrants in Peru.

For its part the superintendent of Migration Eduardo Sevilla Echevarría reported that the conclusions of the event include strengthening intersectoral work on migration administrative simplification and the protection of the rights of migrants.


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