Politics 07-05-2018

The Italian president proposes a "neutral" government to get out of the blockade.

The president of the Republic of Italy Sergio Mattarella proposed Monday a "neutral" government until December which allows the political forces to reach an agreement to governget out of the current political blockade.

Mattarella warned that in the event that this solution does not obtain the approval of the newly elected Parliament it would call new elections for July or next October

The president arbiter of the situation urged all political forces to "be responsible" to support that solution after noting that Italy is at serious risk if early elections are called.

Mattarella mentioned among the risks the absence of a budget law the failure to comply with commitments within Europe and the stalking of international speculators.

The president's statements were made at the end of the last round of consultations after two months of negotiations during which it was not possible to reach an agreement between the right coalition led by the League (far right) the most voted with 37% of the suffrages the 5 Star Movement (antisystem, 32%)the Democratic Party (PD, center left, 19%).

None of the three formations have the majority in Parliament to be able to governthey need the support of other forces a formula that they have not been able to reach due to a series of reciprocal vetoes.

For Mattarella returning to vote in July without a reform of the electoral law would not change the balance of power while a vote in October would threaten the approval of the budgettherefore the country's financial stability.

According to press sources Mattarella downgrades the possibility of appointing a personality over the parties which may represent Italy at the summit of the European Union (EU) an entity that must also approve its budgets for the coming years so that Italy could lose many advantages.

In case of rejection of the so-called neutral government or "service" as he called it. It would be the first time in the history of the Republic that a legislature "ends before it begins" the president said.

The president said that if a political majority emerges in the coming months the "neutral" government would resign immediately.

- Elections in summer -

The unprecedented presidential solution does not have the approval of the M5E which had already advanced that it does not approve the idea of a technical governmentthat on several occasions has said that it is willing to return to the polls in June or July.

"We will not give confidence to a neutral government, which is the same as a technical government, let's vote in July" Luigi Di Maio leader of the outraged Italians wrote in a tweet.

Matteo Salvini leader of the League (radical right) also refused to give an approval to the neutral government calls for early elections.

"Please here you need a courageous government free determined not neutral for me or change or vote" he said on Facebook.

The possibility of holding new elections at the beginning of July is increasingly likely, despite a part of Italians going on vacation.

Both the 5 Star Movementthe League have spoken as the most likely date on July 8 for the celebration of new elections.

These would be unprecedented elections since they have always been held in May or June that is in the spring since the end of the Second World War.

The most recent polls indicate that the League has risen by two points and that the outraged of the M5E have increased tenths, without any obtaining a majority.


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