Politics 02-11-2018

The leaders of Cuba and Russia reject unilateral sanctions in international affairs

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Cuban counterpart Miguel Diaz-Canel sign joint agreements on the Russian-Cuban strategic partnership in Moscow.

After the signing ceremony, the leaders held a joint press conference.

Cuba resolutely condemns the sanctions imposed by Western countries against Russia, declared the president of the Councils of State and Ministers of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, during a meeting held with the president of the Russian Senate, Valentina Matvienko, in Moscow.

"We will be permanently recognizing the role of Russia [internationally] and will be resolutely condemning the unilateral sanctions that the US and other Western countries try to promote against Russia to deny the important role you play," he said.

Díaz-Canel added that "similarly we condemn the attempts of the West to bring the NATO troops to the Russian border and in that cause we have also defended and will defend the Government and the Russian people."

The Cuban leader acknowledged "the important role that Russia plays internationally, its contribution to the solution of international conflicts, its leadership in international blocks such as the BRICS and all the contribution it is having to fracture the world hegemony, to fracture unipolarism and to promote multilateralism and multipolarity. "

The Cuban leader arrived in Moscow for his first official visit, which will last until November 3.

Bilateral cooperation

The presidents of Russia and Cuba also urged that the international community join efforts to prevent an arms race in space.

"The leaders of Russia and Cuba expressed their concern over the threat of the deployment of weapons in space and stressed the need to coordinate international efforts to prevent the arms race in space," says a joint statement, published on the website of the Kremlin

Likewise, President Putin affirmed that Russia is willing to participate in the modernization of the Cuban economy.

Both leaders rejected unilateral sanctions in international affairs.

Fight against terrorism

Both leaders also agreed to intensify cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

They will intensify cooperation in the fight against the terrorist threat, including in cyberspace, said the Russian president.

"We agreed with Cuban colleagues to intensify cooperation in the fight against transnational organized crime, including in cyber space, the illegal production and trafficking of drugs, other challenges and threats of the present," he said.


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