Política 02-10-2017

The participation of the referendum was 42%, according to the Government

The Generalitat has presented after midnight the results of the referendum suspended by the Constitutional Court. The Government spokesman, Jordi Turull, explained that 2,262,424 votes have been counted, out of a census of 5,343,358 people (42%). Turull recalled the difficulties in the voting and claimed the holding of the referendum. The participation would thus be lower than that of the consultation of November 9, 2014, in which 2.3 million people voted. The abstention would reach 58% of the total and would be majority, according to the own figures of the Generalitat.

It is not possible to draw too many conclusions of these figures. The referendum of this sunday lacked legal guarantees (there were numerous examples of people who voted several times or without control or identification), and the Catalan Government was unable to explain the origin of the census (which could not be revised) or the method used for counting, which also had no guarantees. In addition, in 2014 the State did not try to prevent the vote, which was then presented as non-binding. The constitutionalist parties asked in both cases to ignore the consultation.

Always according to these results, the yes to the independence had this Sunday an overwhelming triumph among the minority that came to vote. 90% of the ballots guarantee secession, 2,020,144, but represent only 37.8% of the supposed census (a lower percentage, 36.6%, if calculated with the last valid electoral census in Catalonia and less of 27% of the population, since foreigners and minors did not have voting rights). The No did not get 176,666 votes, 7% of the total, according to the count of the Government. The 0.89% of the votes have been null and void, 2% (45,686).

"We want to thank the citizens of Catalonia who have made this difficult and painful day possible. We comply with the parliamentary mandate and we will be consistent with the result, "said Catalan Vice President Oriol Junqueras.


Turull has ensured that schools closed by the different police have left 670,000 voters who were registered at these polling places without voting, although those voters could go to vote with little control to any other polling station and although the Generalitat itself that practically all of the schools (96%) could be open.

The number of counts was provided globally, without disaggregation by provinces, districts or municipalities and without it being advanced the counting, as is usual in the legal and homologated votes. In this case, the scrutiny, in which the two million votes in favor of independence were exceeded by a small margin, was 95% of the vote, but the percentages of votes published totaled more than 100%. This is apparently due to the fact that the Generalitat has forgotten to point out that the data of yes, no, and blank are percentages of valid votes, that is, once void votes are excluded. There has been no further data on the scrutiny in the next 10 hours.

The former president of the Generalitat Artur Mas assured last June that it was very important that this October 1 more people were to vote than 9-N. "It is what will give it full meaning and legitimacy," he said. At the end, that bar has not been reached; according to the Generalitat's own data.

El País / España