Politics 22-11-2018

The president of Haiti declared that no one can question his mandate

The president of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, stepped out of his political opponents by stating that no one can question the mandate he had received at the polls.

"It is within the framework of democracy that the Haitian people elected me president in a free and fair election according to the Constitution," Moise said in a six-minute pre-recorded message that national television aired on Wednesday night.

The president, quoted by the newspaper Le Nouvelliste, warned against attempts to destabilize the situation.

"During the five years of my presidency, nobody, I mean, nobody under any pretext can threaten the interests of the country or put the nation in danger," he said.

During the speech, which should have been aired on Mars but was postponed for 24 hours, Moise ignored the alleged diversion of funds under the PetroCaribe program, a scandal that led to massive protests throughout the country on Sunday. that resulted in several deaths and dozens of detainees.

Haitians invaded the streets to demand that the government prosecute those responsible for the PetroCaribe case.

Some opposition leaders, such as André Michel, of the National Progressive Democrats Association, also demanded the resignation of President Moise.


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