Economy 03-07-2018

The price of naphtha rises by 9% from this midnight

From 00:00 on this Wednesday, July 4, the price of naphthas increases. The prices of diesel and super gas are maintained.

From 00:00 on this Wednesday, July 4, the price of naphtha increases by 9%, according to the director of the Ancap opposition, Diego Labat, confirmed to El Pais.

The price of diesel and super gas remains unchanged.

In May, the president of Ancap, Marta Jara, had told El País that the benchmark values for fixing fuel prices were above and an adjustment would be analyzed in June.

In its latest increase, Ancap set a reference for the oil price of US $ 63 and a dollar to US $ 30.5. In June, only the dollar accumulated an increase of 0.88% and closed the month at $ 31,466.

Labat told El País that he did not "accompany" the rise in the price of gasoline and consulted on what are the reasons why they increase and not so the super gas and diesel oil, he answered that this should be answered by someone from the government, who They were the ones who defined the increase.

The last fuel adjustment had been made on January 1 when diesel increased 4.8% and naphtha 9.8%.


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