Economía 06-09-2017

The US debt exceeds $ 20 trillion for the first time in history

The debt of the United States exceeds 20 trillion dollars. A new authorization from the White House has allowed the Treasury Department of that country to exceed the limit of 19.94 trillion set in 2016 and reached this March.

On September 8, US President Donald Trump signed a law suspending that barrier until December 8. In that period of time, the US Department of the Treasury has the green light to freely borrow.

This Tuesday, the US state debt was worth more than $ 20.16 trillion, equivalent to $ 62,000 per capita or $ 167,000 per taxpayer.

In recent years, US liabilities have been increasing gradually, from 10.6 trillion in 2008 to 19.9 trillion in 2016, 87.7%.

The US Congressional Budget Office (CBO) indicated that current federal debt is at its highest level since World War II and forecasts that debt will increase sharply over the next 30 years to 150% of GDP in 2047.

This American organism emphasizes that the growth of the debt increases the costs for interests for the Government of the USA, adds major pressure on the budget and increases the possibility of suffering a fiscal crisis.