Politics 13-09-2018

The US sends another destroyer, equipped with Tomahawk, to the Mediterranean

The United States sent another destroyer with Tomahawk missiles to the Mediterranean, in full tension for a potential offensive in Idbil, Syria.

It is the warship SS Bulkeley (DDG-84), which with 56 Tomahawk cruise missiles, has reached the Mediterranean Sea on Thursday, according to data from the maritime monitoring website, collected by the Russian RT television.

This destroyer joins the three American cruisers, Carney , Ross and Winston Churchill, which are already present in those waters.

These ships are equipped with Tomahawk missiles of 1600 kilometers of range, therefore, USA. It has more than 200 of these guided missiles, ready for a potential attack in the region.

On Wednesday, the United States ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Nikki Haley, said that "no kind of attack" against the province of Idlib (southwest) will be ignored by the US, so it threatened with responding not only to the "use of chemical weapons", but to any offensive by Damascus and its lauds.

For its part, Russia has revealed that the United States is organizing a false chemical attack in Idlib with the help of terrorist and armed gangs, including the White Helmets , to attribute it to the Syrian Army and justifya US aggression. and its alliesagainst the Arab country.

The mobilization of these warships to the Mediterranean violates theRussian-American agreement on the prevention of incidents in open seas, signed in 1972, the source recalls.

According to this agreement, "vessels that are close to each other must be maintained in all cases at a sufficient distance to avoid the risk of collision", a pact that violated an American destroyer displaced in June in the Mediterranean Sea.


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