World 25-03-2019

The US sends two ships to the Taiwan Strait in defiance of China

Despite Chinese opposition, the US It has sent two ships to the Taiwan Strait, contributing to the increase in tensions between Beijing and Taipei.

"The ships have passed through the Taiwan Strait to demonstrate the commitment of the United States to achieve a free Indo-Pacific region," the US military said in a statement issued Monday.

The US action could indicate Washington's support for increased tensions between the two Asian countries, military sources have reported.

The ships in question are the USS Curtis Wilbur destroyer of the Navy and the USCGC Bertholf of the Coast Guard.

The statement, which alleges that transit of ships through the Taiwan Strait is part of Washington's program of freedom of navigation operations in the Indo-Pacific region, also points out that the US "It will continue flying, navigating and operating where international law permits."

China has repeatedly called "provocative" US navigation operations in the Taiwan Strait, and has indicated that such actions reinforce the separatist agenda of the island, which China considers part of its territory.

Washington has long courted Taipei, in an attempt to counter China , as well as being the island's main source of arms.

According to data from the Pentagon (US Department of Defense), the American country has sold to Taiwan since 2010 armament worth more than 15,000 million dollars.

Chinese authorities condemn US military support to the island, whether in the form of arms sales, guarantees of protection or even operations of the US Army in the area.


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