Politics 14-09-2018

They denounce Argentine government maneuver to appoint judges

With the support of the macrista caucus, the motion for the transfer of Judge Bertuzzi to a court of corruption cases was reached.

The Judicial Council of the Argentine Nation approved Thursday the transfer of Judge Pablo Bertuzzito the Chamber of Criminal and Correctional Federal Appeals of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina ; This determination was achieved through the votes of the supporters to the macrismo.

The final vote was nine in favor, three against and one abstention. Seven votes were necessary to obtain the approval of this motion.

In this way, the newly transferred judge will join the ranks of theFederal Chamber , once the president of Argentina Mauricio Macri signs the decree to validate these transfers.

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"The political will is not just the President, we are doing justice to the letter, from friends, there is an avalanche of transfers in federal justice," denounced Mario Pais, senator of the Justicialist Party (PJ).

In this sense, the transfer of Bertuzzi to the court has caused dissatisfaction and discomfort among the deputies, because this body is in charge of corruption cases that concern the judges of Comodoro Py.

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On the other hand, Kirchnerist deputy, Rodolfo Tahilde cataloged embarrassing the intention of transfer of Pablo Bertuzzi, as determined that it does not meet the requirements for such a transfer, stating that this is "a new maneuver by the Government to continue counting the House of Appeals of Comodoro Py ".


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