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They open trial in Brazil against Haddad

The former presidential candidate for the Workers Party, Fernando Haddad, will be prosecuted in the state of Sao Paulo on charges of alleged passive corruption and money laundering.

The former presidential candidate for the Workers Party (PT), Fernando Haddad, will be tried in the state of Sao Paulo on charges of alleged passive corruption and money laundering, local media reported on Monday quoted by Telesur .

Leonardo Barreiros, fifth criminal judge of Barra Funda -one of the forums of Justice of the economic capital of Brazil-, considered "appropriate" the complaint that the Prosecutor's Office filed against Haddad last September, for alleged irregular handling in his campaign for the mayor's office of Sao Paulo, of which he was titular.

The Public Ministry also prosecutes four more people, including a key figure in his accusation. This is Joao Vaccari Neto, treasurer of the PT during the management of Haddad as mayor of Sao Paulo (2013-2016).

The prosecution based its complaint only on the confession of businessman Ricardo Ribeiro Pessoa, one of the defendants, who is president of the construction company UTC Engenharia, and said he gave Haddad some 2.6 million reais (about 702,702 dollars) .

Pessoa said that the amount was requested by Vaccari and contributed "as a bribe" in exchange for favoring the company in contracting with the public administration. However, Vaccari's defense lawyer stressed that his client was never treasurer of the electoral campaign, nor did he request resources.

"The complaint is an attempt to recycle the well-known denunciation of Ricardo Pessoa, who has no credibility. With that same testimony, about the same facts of an informer whose story was already disregarded by the Supreme Court, the Prosecutor made a complaint for electoral irregularities that was not accepted by the Justice, "Haddad responded in a statement.

The accusation preceded the election campaign by the presidency, and although it had been ruled out by the highest judicial body, it reappears after the electoral triumph of ultra-rightist Jair Bolsonaro, and despite months ago an opinion of the Constitutional Court decreed as invalid the so-called "paid statements" in the style of those of Pessoa, which lack evidence, are based solely on the testimonies of someone. In addition, that testimony is a defendant or a sanctioned by law that, in return, obtains benefits such as reductions of sentences.

This is the same scheme applied against Lula regarding his allegedly murky possession of an apartment in Guarujá, and as a result of which he has been sentenced in the second instance to 12 years in prison. Meanwhile, the prosecutor of his cause, Sergio Moro, is "promoted" by Bolsonaro to Minister of Justice, a portfolio that he will occupy when the president-elect assumes office in January.


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