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They transported money in a "clandestine" way

Numerous doubts arise around the assault on the Guardian company. The Police considers that the transport of the flow was carried out in a "clandestine" manner and has suspicions about the origin of the money. The researchers announce "surprises".

Commissioner Amado Cantero, Head of Prevention and Security of Alto Paraná, gave the latest reports on the theft of G. 1 billion to a transporter of the Guardian company, perpetrated yesterday in the Santa Monica area. of Santa Fe del Paraná.

In contact with ABC Cardinal radio, the police chief reaffirmed that there are "many situations that draw a lot of attention" around the story of the robbery, so the six guards of the private firm were detained.

The employees currently in the sights of the Prosecutor's Office are Yony Rolando Ayala Quiñónez, driver of the armored vehicle; Cashier Óscar Cristaldo Portillo and the guards Marciano Candia and Carlos Rotela. Likewise, Miguel González Britos and Derlis Javier Colmán were placed at the disposal, who were the custodians of the Mahindra patrol boat.

The police chief said that just last Friday reiterated the validity of a maximum security alert, so he asked all companies to take the precautions and request police escort when transporting funds. "It seems that our claim did not arrive in an exact manner and the person in charge took that money clandestinely...", he said.

Cantero insisted that "many things call our attention and we are struck by the ease with which these people responsible for this punishable act got away with it".

With respect to other suspicious elements in the case, the police chief mentioned that the custodians spoke of about 20 people from the commando group, mobilized in two vehicles, one of which was set on fire. "It is half doubtful that of 20 people inside a vehicle ... It draws attention ... In addition, that an armored car be stopped with a 9 mm caliber and that the structure of the vehicle has not been altered; no resistance was offered, "he explained.

He also reiterated that after pointing out the ease with which the criminals detained an armored without heavy weapons, one of the Guardian officials was caught throwing rifle cartridges to the scene of the robbery. "He had no better idea than to remove heavy caliber projectiles from his pocket in order to justify ... All this makes us doubt what really happened," he said.


The commissioner Amado Cantero announced that there will be "surprises" in a conference to be offered by the National Police between 09:00 and 10:00 in Alto Paraná. "I say that we are going to have surprises (...) The citizens are going to find out about some signs that we have ...", he said.

When asked if there was any suspicion about the origin of the money, he only pointed out that "it is presumed ... But I am not the one (to speak), so we are going to have a conference".

The report will be released at the headquarters of Investigations in Alto Paraná.


The commissioner Amado Cantero recalled that a transporter of flows of the Guardian firm had already been assaulted a year ago practically in the same place. On the occasion, likewise, the survivors rose with about G. 1 billion.

Before this element, the police chief noted the need to "try to go a little more in this and see if it is a serious company, if you meet the requirements to transport money, because it is not the first time you suffer an assault of this type" .

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