Economy 06-04-2018

Toyota to sell 100 hydrogen fuel cell buses for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Toyota is set to sell a fleet of fuel cell buses in Tokyo. This is part of the company’s strategy for user comfort during the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The unit is called Sora (from Sky, Ocean, River, and Air).

The buses have TFCS (Toyota Fuel Cell System) battery technology and are equipped with high-capacity external power output. This device is meant to provide 9kW of maximum output and electricity supply of 235 kWh2.

Hydrogen fuel cell buses in Tokyo

Toyota’s initial proposal is to progressively include buses with fuel cell systems in the Japanese capital to educate users on this technology. The idea is to integrate 100 units and gradually doubling this number over time.

These hydrogen fuel cell buses are over 10 meters long and carry 79 passengers (with 22 seated and 59 standing). Also, it will have two 114 kW batteries for a total capacity of 226 kW.

The units will have a 600-liter hydrogen fuel storage tank (with fuel stored at 70 MPa). They also have a nickel-hydride battery to temporarily store the energy generated by the fuel cell system.

Comfortable fuel cell units for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Toyota is offering a new level of comfort for those who attend these Olympic Games. The units’ seats automatically fold when not used and have an acceleration control feature that suppresses acceleration from a stop. Furthermore, it has eight high-definition cameras placed inside and outside the unit, which serve to detect pedestrians and bicyclists around the bus.


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